Janice Crist

Greetings, Friends!

Please support my candidacy for the US House of Representatives from Washington’s Third District.

Pro-war Representatives are wasting $12 billion per month on endless, unwinnable war.  When I represent the Third District, I will vote to end the war. The Third District’s share of the savings could buy better levies, roads, school buildings, and more.

When I am in Congress, and the Afghanistan  War stops being our priority, here is what the Third District will stand for:

  • Universal Health Care. We need a single-payer system to preserve choice and lower cost.
  • Renewable Energy.   We need a national commitment that will end foreign energy dependence.
  • Restore the Constitution. We need to secure again for all Americans privacy, civil rights, and the rule of law.
  • Public Campaign Financing.  We need to invest in democracy so that all voices can be heard, not just lobbyists
  • Out of Iraq NOW.  We need to end the Iraq war immediately, to stop the violence and instead fund our real priorities.

Americans know we have to set this country back on the right path with respect to health care, energy, democracy, and the Constitution, and we know what needs to be done.  Do our elected representatives know as well?

The Third District can do its part to end the Iraq War, and start the healing of our country, by voting for a Peace Candidate.  As a Peace Candidate, I will not only help to end funding for foreign wars, but will also help bring Peace here at home: investing in freedom, health, well-being, and prosperity for us all.

Please click here to support my campaign with a generous contribution.

In peace and friendship,
Janice Crist

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Politics. Writing about the Afghanistan war on Wikipedia (the other forces and consequences section)
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